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Batya Baby Bath Cushion Seat


If your baby is still not sitting up…
Read This to give your baby the joy of a bath on a soft baby bath seat cushion, that allows safe movement and motion even for newborn babies.


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Product Description

Attention moms of babies of 8 months or under

(*) babies who do not sit up on their own yet (including newborns)


If you’re not using a baby bath seat, or you’re using a plastic or gel based seat for your baby’s bath…

Reading this will be very worth your while.
It may even change your and your baby’s life for months to come!

Discover How This Unique Baby Bath Seat-Cushion Can Turn Your Baby’s Bath Time Into A Fun Playful Time With Mom, That Will Give Your Little One A Developmental Boost – Even If Your Baby Is Just A Newborn

Yes! Your baby’s bath can become a pleasurable safe snug time – with your little one splashing the water in playful joy, from the very first bath!

Dear Mom

Your baby’s joy, fun and just being happy moment to moment, relies on his or her ability to feel safe, loved and secure in the immediate environment at all time, while at the same time, enjoy a way to release any unwanted energy building up in that tiny body, either by letting go of this energy as heat (physically into the body of a hugging mom or dad), or through moving the arms and legs.

A baby’s bath is a perfect time to give your beloved an outlet for some of that energy in a fun delightful way.

I know, You want the best for your baby

You want your baby to feel a soft warm hug, to have a sense of safety and to develop without hindrance or delay.

All mothers want their babies to have it all if at all possible, I know I did – and still do.


The thing is, if you just carry on using the bath you’ve been using, the same way you’re used to, then you should know that your back and neck will more than likely begin to ache from hunching over that bath in order to be holding your baby safely throughout the bath (if they haven’t already begun to ache).

In addition to that, your baby will suffer the consequences of lying on a rigid surface without the ability to move in a flexible way – namely your baby will become more rigid, be more irritated, especially when it’s time for sleep (can you stand to lose even more sleep?), and will be more likely to develop illnesses related to stagnant blood or energy.

You see? We’ve all been following the idea that it’s “normal” to bathe a baby in a hard surface bath. “Put a towel over it to make it softer”, they tell moms.

But the truth of the matter is that a baby’s body is soft and gentle, and it’s not meant to be lying flat and motionless on the back.

Only recently have moms begun to realize that it doesn’t have to be this way, and started using some sort of solution to make the surface they lay their precious ones on a little bit less hard and rigid.


Instead, imagine this:

Your baby is enjoying a bath on a soft cushion, that allows movement and motion.

Your little one’s back is completely supported, which gives a sense of warmth and safety, almost as if you were holding that tiny body in your own arms.

Small arms and legs are splashing the water with joy, and little sounds of fun and laughter fill the air.


With the Batya baby bath seat cushion you and your baby is getting all of that and more.

The Batya’s soft fabric, and its thousands of tiny Polystyrene balls filling, make it react and adjust itself to the baby’s body, posture and movements, creating complete support and a feeling of enveloped safety.

Bath time will never be the same once you start using Batya.


Let me tell you how we came up with the idea for Batya…

When we our first daughter was born (more than 10 years ago), we wanted to find a nice safe fun bath seat, that would be both comfortable for her, and inspire confidence in us – but all we could find was either small baths, which were too rigid in our eyes, or plastic seats that held her legs in such a way that it looked like they were pressing against her gentle body in an unnatural way.

Since we were both fresh out of design school, we sat down and started to think: what would actually be a good bath seat solution that would go in alignment with a baby’s natural body shape?

This is how we first came up with the idea of a cushioned seat, which takes the shape of the body instead of trying to shape the body to the seat (absurd, right?).


We started looking more into that solution, and looked everywhere we could think of for a soft, cushion like baby seat – but couldn’t find one anywhere.

So we decided to make our own.

Ever since then, we’ve worked on making Batya more comfortable for babies, and of course more safe and secure.


  • Instead of the hard surface of the bath or even regular seats, Batya gives your baby a soft cushion to rest on during bath time
  • No more wrestling with seats that require you to place your baby’s legs (or arms) in this position or that. With Batya you just gently place your little one on the cushion once it’s in the bath and you’re done
  • We’re parents too. We didn’t just theorize about what should be done – we developed a baby bath seat that actually suits us as parents and our children ever since they were born
  • Unlike other baby bath seats, Batya doesn’t have any detachable parts, so you don’t need to assemble anything. You just take it out of the package and it’s ready for the first bath
  • No more rigid hard plastic to support your newborn’s tiny body! Batya is a bath cushioned seat made out of soft fabrics and filled with tiny Polystyrene balls that shape the cushion-seat to your infant’s body shape to give full body soft support
  • Batya is handmade with the highest standards in mind to give you and your baby the best opportunity to experience joyful bath times day after day for a long time.
  • Your baby will feel safe and secure with the Batya soft full body support, so you can both be at ease and just enjoy your time together
  • Batya is made of soft fabric which absorbs the water in the bath around it, so when you lay your baby, it feels as warm as the bath water
  • Infants love the feeling of being softly nestled and cradled in a snug wrapping hug, and Batya creates that very sensation, so your little one feels as if you were having a bath together
  • Using Batya is so easy, that you don’t have to ever look at bath time as a task – from the first day you’ll use Batya bath will become a time for playful joy for the two of you
  • You don’t have to lean in and hold your baby while having a bath in the Batya seat (for safety reasons you should ALWAYS be at arm’s reach!), so you can keep your own back straight and healthy
  • This baby bath seat is so easy to clean – you just put it in the machine and that’s it
  • You don’t have to wash Batya after every bath also – just hang it up to dry in an aired area, and use it again the next day (even if it’s still wet)
  • Batya comes in 2 sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your bath (small bath seat for a baby tub, big one for a regular bath)
  • Batya is light weight and very easy to carry, so you can take it with you whenever you go on a trip and bathe your baby at the grandparents’, in a hotel or just wherever there’s a bath (for a regular adults bath, use the big Batya)
  • Not only is our bath seat suitable for your baby’s developmental stage, it also helps to gently speed up development by allowing your toddler to move freely and splash the water with arms and legs – and it’s fun too 🙂
  • Babies need to move their body in order to discover the world around them and develop space awareness and a sense of security in their surroundings. With Batya, your baby can move arms and legs freely to allow for that ever so important development, while safely nestled on the cushion


Order Batya for your baby today!

And give your little one so much more fun, joy and developmental boost from day one.


Product Instructions & Warnings

  • Place the Batya in a shallow bath tub, eyes facing up.
  • Place your baby on the Batya with his head on the widest side of the product (in the eyes print part). You may support baby’s neck with your hand.

Batya is of 100% synthetic fabric that resists mold and mildew (not mold or mildew proof) and is made to be used in water.

Batya bath cushion is single part unit that does not require assembly or any other/additional parts.

The Batya can be used in both infant and standard bathtubs.

Measurements: 60X40X15 cm. 24X16X6 inches. 300 gr. / 0.7 pounds.

If your infant requires oils or moisturizers we suggest these be applied immediately after bathing your baby, so they are not absorbed into Batya.

ALWAYS keep baby within adult’s reach!


Certain environmental factors may cause your Batya to develop mold or mildew which we cannot control. Batya is not mildew proof and we make no such claim.

Here are some recommendations to help prevent mildew from occurring:

To extend the life of your Batya bath seat, after each use, rinse well with clean hot tap water to remove remainder of soap and body cells from bather, pick up and hang up in well-ventilated area for drying with the attached hanger. Do not place behind closed shower curtain or inside closed unventilated room.

Your bather can be used even if still moist or wet between showers.

If necessary, you may wash your Batya in large capacity washer on delicate or hand wash cycle setting. Use a detergent that does not contain any fabric softener and non-chlorine bleach if needed. Dry on lowest heat setting.

Certain baby soaps which contain oils or are enhanced with moisturizers trap oil in the filling of the Batya seat and may cause it to mold or mildew because it cannot dry properly. This is not a defective property of the Batya.


NOT A SAFETY DEVICE Babies have DROWNED while using bath seats. ALWAYS keep baby within adult’s reach. STOP using when baby begins pulling to a standing position (approximately 10 months of age).


PREVENT DROWNING. Babies can drown in as little as 1 inch of water. ALWAYS bathe your infant using as little water as necessary.

Babies can drown even when other children are in or near the bathtub. DO NOT allow other children to substitute for an adult. An adult must be present and within arm’s reach at all times while this product is in use regardless of the circumstances.

Do not remove labels. Tearing off label may damage seams. Use label for future reference.

For use while bathing baby only. Do not place in crib, playpen, bed or swimming pool. NOT a flotation, sleeping or napping device.

Children have DROWNED while left unattended in bath. ALWAYS keep child within arm’s reach.

Temperature for bathing a baby should be between 90 and 100°F (32.2 and 37.8°C).

ALWAYS test baby’s water before placing baby in water.

Discontinue to use of the product if it becomes damaged.

Discontinue to use of the product if seams become damaged , if fabric is torn or if mold occurs.

Thank you for choosing Baby Joy!

Additional Information

Bath Size

For Adult Bath (Large Batya), For Baby Tub (Small Batya)


Red, Pink, Green, Orange, Light Blue