Baby Bath Seats

  • Batya baby bath seat cushion

    Batya Baby Bath Cushion Seat


    If your baby is still not sitting up…
    Read This to give your baby the joy of a bath on a soft baby bath seat cushion, that allows safe movement and motion even for newborn babies.

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  • Papillon baby bath seat ring

    Papillon Baby Bath Ring Seat


    Papillon baby bath ring-seat for babies 10-18 months old who can sit up on their own
    Exactly what your little one needs to safely play in the water while having a joyful bath!

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  • Sinky baby sink bath seat

    Sinky – Bathing Your Baby In The Sink


    Sinky makes bathing your baby in the sink an easy, pleasurable experience for you and your little one.
    It's the safest way for your infant and the best way if you want to use your bath sink as a baby bathtub.

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  • Tubby baby tub seat for sitting baby

    Tubby Baby Tub Seat For 1-3 y/o Sitting Babies


    Tubby Baby Bath Seat – Turn your bathtub into a water wonderland!
    Tubby is a soft, cushioned toddler bath seat for sitting babies, that your baby can ride in the bath tub.

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