Tubby baby tub seat for sitting baby
Tubby baby seatTubby tub seat for babiesTubby - baby tub seat

Tubby Baby Tub Seat For 1-3 y/o Sitting Babies


Tubby Baby Bath Seat – Turn your bathtub into a water wonderland!
Tubby is a soft, cushioned toddler bath seat for sitting babies, that your baby can ride in the bath tub.


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Product Description

A bath, for young children, is supposed to be fun and joy.

Babies and young children don’t have anything else to do during bath time, other than just enjoy the warm touch of the water, and a pleasant bonding time with one of the baby’s parents.

For parents, bathing their baby is more than just cleaning time – and it can be much more…


How Would You Like To Add Even More Fun And Joy To Your Baby’s Bath Experience, And Give Your Toddler A Developmental Boost All At The Same Time?


Moving about in the bath is not easy for very young children – it is slippery and they feel clumsy and cumbersome moving in it.


Introducing Tubby – A Baby Tub Seat Your Baby Can Ride Safely In The Tub

Your baby will enjoy the ride and you will enjoy the sense of safety.


Tubby Is Designed To Support A Sitting Baby During A Bath, From 4 Directions

The back side of the Tubby floats up and supports your baby’s back

The sides rise to hold the baby in place,

And the front floats up to give your child more support and stability, as well as something to hold, as the little one rides it inside the bathtub.


Note: This is not a floatation device! Not to be used with babies who cannot sit up on their own!


Allow Your Child To Develop Independence And Stability

Unlike the regular plastic baby bathtub seat, with Tubby your baby is free to move freely in the bath.


As your child gets to move around on his or her own, a new sense of independence is created with the ability to “roam free” inside the tub.


This creates a developmental boost for your child, as muscles that got less activity are now working on a daily basis during every bath.


Just Like A Playground – In Your Home

Tubby is acting as a soft riding toy babies at that age love so much to play with.

Not only that, it is a lot more comfortable than the hard surface of the bathtub.


Better For Parents As Well

With Tubby you do not have to hold your young child during the bath, even for 1 year old children who just learned to sit on their own.

Tubby nestles the child from all directions and you have both your hands free to easily bathe, soap, or just sit next to the bathtub and enjoy your time together.


Tubby is designed for babies who sit up on their own (1 year old – 3+ years).

Lightweight – only 7 oz. (200 gr).

Dimensions: 3 X 16 X 22 in. (8 X 40 X 55 cm)


Made of soft and elastic fabric: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane.

Filling: thousands of tiny Polystyrene balls.


After use, wash thoroughly under a stream of running water and hang to dry.

Possible to reuse even if still wet.

The Tubby can be used in both infant and standard bathtubs.


Order Tubby Today!

And give your baby a water wonderland with every bath.


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